Just got my twiggy, smells really bad....

  1. Good afternoon! Just got my used twiggy in the mail just now.....very disappointed....the seller did not mention that it come from a smoking home.....and it smells awful! anyone know a way to get rid of the funky smell? Appreciate it!
  2. Try sticking a dryer sheet or two in it for a few days. That usually helps my bags when they come home with funky smells after going to the bar.
  3. Someone recently tried charcoal...maybe search on that for the exact instructions.
  4. Full marination with plenty of dryer sheets!! Just stuff the twiggy into its dust bag and load it up with dryer sheets, then put it away for a week or so. Then if that doesn't work, try airing it out. Otherwise, see if you can return it to the seller since that's misrepresentation.
  5. You could also try spaying some Febreeze on the interior lining of the bag (be careful to avoid the leather). It probably won't take out all of the smell, but might help mitigate the problem.
  6. what is a dyer sheet? could someone please post a pic? thanks!
  7. thanks for all the suggestions! much love to you all!
  8. I think that's "dryer" sheet...like an anti-static cloth you put in the clothes dryer to soften and prevent static cling. Like Bounce.
  9. I would pull the cloth lining out of the bag and spray with febreze or Odorcide, and let dry. Then I would stuff the bag with dryer sheets and close it up in it's dustbag for one week. Then, air it out for a day or so.
  10. I heard, that spraying febreze on a wash cloth, and putting it in the bag for a few days, will get rid of the smell.
  11. Oh no!!! Sorry to hear about the smell...good luck with getting rid of it!!! :yes:
  12. Hang it in front of a fan for several hours, and it should get rid of the smell. A friend.. of mine spilled a beer all over my wapity, and I just aired her out with a fan for about 5 hours. No more stinky beer smell!
  13. yikes! hope you could get the smell out :sad:
  14. YUK !! Can you leave it safely outside to air out for a few hours ??? (Not sure where you are located)
    You could also try putting a box of Arm & Hammer in it....
  15. oh no...sosorry to hear that....and i reckon some charcoal might help with the smell....

    if it doesn't work then try putting the bag out in an open air space for a couple of days..that should do it :smile:

    good luck!!