Just got my new 07A Black Expandable Flap!!!!!

  1. Yes!! Got it on Tuesday- this will be my Oct. purchase (was't able to post pics. then, as my DH had my camera on a trip) I had to take her out right away!!!:yahoo:,... and I was happy to know this bag was made in France :smile:.. I was going to wait until next week to post pics., as I just ordered a wallet too..;)

    Here's tags info. for reference:
    07A A36020Y01669
    chanelblack1.JPG chanelblack2.JPG chanelblack3.JPG chanelblack4.JPG
  2. wowie i LOVE this bag on you Norma. I think this is a great replacement for the sharpei that didn't work out. i really like this collection a lot and you got 2 of the best ones!
  3. WOW....yummy! :drool:

    Looks great on you.... congrats!!
  4. Hi I own that bag in the navy blue from the spring collection. Its still my favorite handbag. Enjoy :tup::tup:
  5. OMG!!!! I totally love this!!! Super congrats to you.
  6. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  7. Very nice, congratulations!
  8. Congrats! I adore the expandable ligne. :yes:
  9. That bag is FABULOUS! Looks great on you!!!
  10. oooh lovely. You are going to love love love this bag!!!

    I am using mine at the moment, and its currently a firm favourite, its just such a great looking, and easy to use bag.

    Many congratulations to you :smile:
  11. You look gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love the expandable ligne, is this going up in price as well?
  12. pretty!congrats!
  13. :tup::yes: Very,very nice. It REALLY does look very nice on you. Makes me want one!!
  14. Beautiful.. It's really pretty..

  15. Gorgeous! Love love love this bag on you!