Just got my first Kooba -- question about Meredith

  1. Hi all! This is my first time posting and my first Kooba. I just got a gorgeous Meredith in slate on sale. I love the look and feel of the bag, but am finding the clasp is really tough to operate. Is anyone else having this problem and do you have any tips? It's easy to open and really tough to close. I wondering if it's going to drive me sufficiently crazy that I should return the bag. And this forum is so helpful -- thanks to all of you!
  2. You have to push down on the button thingy and line up the holes. Then, it will easily close.
  3. Yeah, sometimes when I'm in a hurry I don't even bother closing that clasp.
  4. Don't know much about the clasp, but love the Slate colour:heart: Congrats on that new Meredith and welcome to Tpf!
  5. hey - is the meredith still on sale anywhere? I'm hoping for it at the Kooba sample sale in october - but I'd love this bag earlier on sale.
  6. Slate is a GORGEOUS color!!!
  7. jcmadison.com has a black Meredith on sale for $500--with code toutie it's down to $400. I have (and love!) this bag--very versatile and the leather is terrific.