Just Got Back from the Outlet - Come See!

  1. For the first time ever, I have been to 2 outlets within the last week (birchrun and Howell). It was fun and I got some new goodies.
    Last weekend;
    Pink Mini Signature Ombre Umbrella#F60228 $39.00
    Red mini sig eyeglass case (no pic-forgot!)
    Giant C Locket Keyfob $24.00
    Black mini sig multi-function tote $251.30
    Pink Umbrella.jpg Heart Close Up.jpg Black Work Tote 2.jpg
  2. very cute purchases.
  3. Oh your locket is very cute!
  4. Today's outlet finds:
    Psych Valentine Pony Scarf #98326
    Double Enamel Logo Lanyard #60041
    Hampton Signature Multi-Function Wallet #40261 (Khaki/Red)
    Logo Braclet Lanyard #92210
    Scarf.jpg Phone Charms.jpg Sig and Red Wallet.jpg Sig and Red Wallet Inside.jpg
  5. Last, but not least, wonder what's in here??????
    Purse 1.jpg
  6. Congrats, great purchases, love them all!!!

    The scarf, wallet, and heart keyfob are all TDF!
  7. I'll post this in a seperate thread (sorry)
  8. The wallet is so pretty! Fun stuff!
  9. oh yayy!!! I love Birch Run, when I lived in MI we would go there almost once a month!!
  10. It was fun seeing what the outlets had. How funny, you used to live in MI and I used to live in FL! Boy do I miss it!
  11. I love that heart keyfob! You got a good variety of Coach accessories!
  12. Wow! I love the locket! Great buys!!
  13. love your umbrella!
  14. Which Outlet did you get the charms and bracelet? I am 45 min from Howell. I went about 2 weeks ago ....Just came back from Michigan City Outlet yesterday and only got a few fobs and a hobo, nothing legacy.

  15. well I dont miss Michigan thats for sure!!!!! lol