Just got a new pair of Coach shoes, but....

  1. I'm not 100% sure about them. What do you ladies think? DH thinks they are very me, but I'm just not sure.:shrugs:

    They are very comfy by the way, for a wedge at least.
    coach shoes 00.jpg coach shoes 01.jpg
  2. I LOVE!!!!! Those are so adorable!! Keep them!
  3. ohhh SOOO cute!!! :smile: i def say keep them they look great on your feet
    you have nice feet!! very dainty and eligant i wish my feet looked like that :sad: mine are a bit too wide for shoes like that

    but they are great on you DH is right! keep em!
  4. Love them! They look great on you.
  5. OMG! SOoooo cute! Where did you get those?
  6. Those are cute - and I normally don't care the for the espidrill-esque type but those look good on you. :yes:

    I say keep them. Those will look hot with capris, skirts, etc.
  7. Those are DEFINITELY keepers!:yes:

    They look GREAT!
  8. SO CUTE! keep them!
  9. They look amazing on you! I usually have trouble with shoes like that too, the opening near the toe area always seems too small and I wind up feeling squished. But your feet look perfect in them! Keep 'em!
  10. Too cute! I was eyeballing these today at Dillards. I think they're a keeper.
  11. Nothing says Summer more than wedges. Those are keepers!!
  12. Very pretty. A definite keeper!
  13. Keep them they look great!! So cute! And if the DH says they look good trust me they look good!!!
  14. The shoes look great on you. Keep them!:yes:
  15. Definitely keep them! You're feet and those shoes look amazing together and I don't normally like that style, but dang girl, you're rockin it!!