Just feel so down today

  1. :sad: Kinda lonely. *sigh*
  2. hey gal, big hugs to you.... :flowers:

    I'm have a down day as well.

    Hope things look up soon =) ;)
  3. *hugs* to you both.

    All of us tpf'ers are here for you! :flowers:
  4. Ty.
    I was going to eat my leftover pizza for dinner tonight, and my family ate it. Half of my students didn't do their homework. I'm lonely. Just got the blues. :sad:
  5. :flowers:
    feel better invisicat!
  6. FEEL BETTER!!!!!
    Go get a manicure or something..that always makes me feel better when Im havin a crappy day..Pedicures with leg massages are great stress releivers too!!!!!
    Chin up..we r here for ya to talk!
  7. Feel better soon! I'm just back from hols & having the blues too :smile:
  8. Aww everyone has those days. We are here for you and we are always happy to lend an ear or shoulder to cry on . well i know we are internet family but just feel us close by... Hugs and kisses and Tomorrow is a another day full of greatness and positivity. MUA
  9. I'm lonely too... My husband is fishing in Canada with his dad.... So I have opened a bottle of wine, and fixed myself a fabulous chicken and eggplant stirfry. :nuts:
  10. Be kind to yourself invisicat. Go and watch a funny movie, or as Jill suggests, a manicure or pedicure. Or a bubble bath!! Have some "me" time where no one can bug you for an hour at least!!!
  11. Aw feel better! I totally know what it's like to just get down in the dumps. I'm feeling lonely too, which is weird considering I'm visiting family, but I miss my boyfriend (and therefore my best friend :sad: )
  12. Thanks, everybody. :smile: Kind words help. I actually made myself do some work on a continuing project I'm behind on, and so I feel some sense of accomplishment. That makes me feel a little better, too. I managed to scrape together enough ingredients to make a pseudo-chili, and I'm sure eating a half-way decent meal helped as well. And I consumed as much chocolate as I could justify. :smile:
  13. ^LOL! Chocolate is the ultimate cure too...!!!!!
  14. YAY for chocolate!!!!!
  15. Okay, now I need to exercise. lol!