Just Curious...

  1. i know this forum is about chanel and our love for chanel... but i couldnt help but notice that a lot of pfs have a maltese picture or other small fluufy dogs... who's got a yappy little baby at home?..

    I do! :yahoo: i have two malteses... they are named coconut and vanilla...
  2. OMG they're so cuuuuuuuuute:tender:
  3. i love maltese's..they are so cute. I was gonna get one but i don't think i can handle the costs of having them groomed all the time. Lovely pics!
  4. They are so beautiful! I've always loved malteses! :love:
  5. Aww!! How cute!!!! Congrats!!!
  6. Your babies are so adorable! How old are they?
  7. Cute dogs with cute names!! :love:
  8. Oh what pretty babies!! I just love that pillow you have for them!!
  9. they're so cute :smile: