just curious...

  1. i have a black stam and i was thinking about purchasing another topaz colored stam.

    i was just curious if a lot of you ladies at the same style bags in different colors? ...i don't know if i should buy the topaz stam or just buy the white chiffon quilted blake?
  2. I like the Topaz Stam but I LOVE the Blake! Go for it!
  3. I honestly don't have duplicates of any bags....t shirts on the other hand is another story. If you love the bag I would say go for it. Most times the color of the bag has a huge impact on how it looks and how you wear it!
  4. I wouldn't settle for the blake, but if you really like the style I would get that one.
  5. well, i found the topaz stam on eBay, nwt, for $899. i did alittle research on the seller, and found that she won the bag off eBay for $500 a few weeks ago. thats quite a mark up...i think i just may settle for the quilted blake since i already have a stam :smile:
  6. If you like it, get it! I have tons of things in the same style, but different color. My mantra is "If the shoe (or something else) fits, buy it in every color." :p
  7. i vote blake, i try to get as many different styles as i can. and i got my topaz stam from Saks for $840, so crazy to buy for more on eBay. is it used?
  8. she says its new, but im thinking she used it, since she purchased it from another ebayer in the beginning of august and is now selling it for more than she paid for it.