just curious... what kooba is this?

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  1. I like it too!
  2. If it still has all the tags, wouldn't the style name be on it?

    Bumping this up for the Kooba experts......:smile:
  3. I'm no expert but I think that the pics leave alot to be desired. Poor quality photos to even tell if it is authentic, in my opinion.
  4. I've never seen this one before, but I really like it. That's a great green.
  5. Mystery solved, thanks Lexie!
  6. What a cute bag.
  7. We know who to count on when a Kooba question arises. Thanks Lexie.
  8. Nice bag!
  9. i like the color.
  10. thanks a lot lexie :smile: knew i could count on the kooba queen to answer my question.

    i doubt i'd get it, think i'd save my money for other bags. just thought the green was very nice n was curious abt the style. but if there's one on sale that's much cheaper in future then maybe i won't be able to hold back. haha....
  11. Guys, it makes me uncomfortable when you compliment me all the time about Kooba info. I do not know everything about Koobas. Another PFer gave me the name of my Crackled Green Kooba. I'm just learning as I go. I have owned alot of these bags at one time so I've picked up things here and there. But I'm No expert. Just avid about the Bags as we all are in the Kingdom.
  12. Oh, here's the green one off the website. It's better looking than the one in the auction. Maybe it's all lighting.