Just curious: Shade of white?

  1. Hi,

    I just received my 07 Cruise baby Cabas (white) which I bought on eBay (authenticated on the authentication thread).

    I was surprised to see that the leather isn't pure white but, rather, has a gray tint to it (which I acutally think is a bit more subtle).

    All the pictures I've seen seem 'brighter" but I guess that could be flash photography. Are all white Chanel bags like this (i.e. the classic flaps)?

  2. They are mostly all off white, kind of slightly greyish. I think the medallion tote is actually white?

  3. Interesting. Thanks.

    btw, luv your pup. very cute!
  4. Chanel seems to have at least a dozen shades of white:yes:
    I have a 'white' bag that we describe as dark white.
    The PST and GST seem to come in true bright white IMO, etc. . . .