Just Curious....How Much DAMAGE are we doing next month ??

  1. Since there really aren't any new bag releases this month, I was curious to know who was actually waiting (or financially dreading!) the upcoming month of September.....when the FIRST of the F/W lines are finally going to make their appearances.....

    Here's my list:

    **Speedy Mirage Noir**
    **Damier Trevi PM**

    .....And it will only get worse after Sept for me !!!!!!
    Mirage bags r to die for!!! especially the exotics
    good thing they didnt make the mens with exotic trims!!
  3. :yahoo:Well, I lucked out this fall/winter, for I have only planned the Monogram Tivoli or the Black Neo Speedy, have waitlisted for both however will only buy one of them. Want to see both IRL to see which one I prefer. The Tivoli is alot less than the Neo speedy and I am leaning towards the Tivoli because I still have a hard time spending $1500 plus on a denim bag! I do see a few scarves I might like to buy as well, but overall I think my wallet (or credit cards) will get a break this coming season! If LV comes out with a Mini Lin speedy 25 I would have to get it as well, but so far nothing has been mentioned!!
  4. Speedy Mirage Noir for me in September!
  5. I'm very interested to see tivoli in nov
    nothing much till then
  6. Tivoli PM, and only if I like it when I see it.
  7. I don't know yet if i want anything!
    But i'm soo looking forward to seeing everyones pictures of their new bags!
  8. Just now getting my first piece of Damier-- but I'm dreaming of a Mirage Speedy... :girlsigh:
  9. the mens bags are nice but they dont say buy me to me. The only thing so far is a pair of the new utah boots for me. I wish the mens cases were in mirage but unforunately they only carried the handles over to our line it seems. I suppose its good and bad less money for me to spend ..lol..
  10. Nothing, I am banned for the rest of 2007!!
  11. heheh my summer isn't over yet. I'm looking for a nice little bag. First i was thinking b'tween Mono Speedy 30 and Lockit regular. But now I'm totally head over heels with the Batignolles regular. So still deciding between those two.

    I'm gonna get one of the two (for now) and a cles
  12. I'm still a bit :shrugs: about Fall

    I waitlisted for Mirage Speedy but I may be going on holiday around release time so I'd rather have a holiday than the bag & I'm just not sure if I really love it I have a mono speedy already
    I also listed for biker but I saw a another pic of it last weekend and I hated it, I've stayed on the list but I don't think it'll be coming home it's too expensive not to totally love (and in general too expensive)

    Permanant bags I'll just wait and see but so far I think I'll mostly be getting accessories
  13. Me too, and for all of 2008. It does not look like my DH is budging on this purse ban at all. I might be able to squeeze in a black MC koala bracelet though.
  14. Hopefully nothing from the limited lines. I do hope to get the black denim cabby and a verone suhali lockit in November though.:drool:
  15. None next month. I'm not in LOVE with the mirage speedy as I thought. I'm still going to look at it, but November is going to be the worst for me. I'm getting the Tivoli PM (or GM, depends), Palermo GM, and Eugenie wallet all in November.