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  1. Ok, I have been lurking around all morning, waiting for the caterers and party planner to finish up. Debating if I want to post or not. I feel stuck, because I feel if I don't say anything people are always going to wonder. I considered just 'going away', but I would miss the board a lot...so what to do, what to do?

    PM'ing at length with a few memebers (you know who you are, thanks!) has been very cathartic so I decided to post my feelings on the subject. That way I feel I had my say after being publically bashed yesterday.

    This is likely to be lengthy, so I apologize.

    First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who offered support and birthday wishes. OK, deep breath.

    Right, wrong or misinterpretation, I did feel publically bashed. I was hurt, stunned and confused. I really appreciate those, who felt they had to give me their opinion, that took the time to PM me, and did not feel like they had to publically humiliate me. I count on this board as an oasis of purse loving friends, when most people, just don't get it. My poor DH, I know he was at a loss to why I was crying on and off during the evening. You know how some of you have PHHs I have aCHH (computer hating husband), if I tried to explain to him, he would have not got it at all..he would have told me, it's stupid strangers on a stupid board...

    That being said, I don't know what to believe, for sure, about the bag. I know those who feel it is a fake, are giving an honest opinion. I do not have a trained eye on Hermes and drove myself crazy last night looking at the things pointed out to me and CDL auctions on ebay, each instance that was pointed out to me, I saw on other bags, or knew the cause, so either I am blind or something...

    Also, as I stated yesterday briefly, I know my in laws. Their financial situation, generosity, etc . These are not people who have the need, nor the desire to buy fake. My MIL at lunch yesterday laughingly told me stories about going to the mothership at least once a day and the Georges V store at least twice a day, since they were staying there. The box was shipped from the Georges V for goodness sakes.

    Over and over in PMs and on the board, I heard don't dare take the bag to Hermes, or you will be confronted and they may even confiscate the bag. Thankfully, I did not see this advice until after MIL and I already had been. On our afternoon shopping spree, we played with several twillys and pocket squares on the bag, got amazing service and advice from SA, "That one looks nice, I think that one's to cool for the warmth of the cognac" etc, Ended up with 2 fun pocket squares, that I love and look great on my bag, suspect or not. Never one word or sidewise glance at the bag.

    How do I reconcile all of this? I have come to the conclusion, I can't. For my sanity and happiness I can not keep weighing it and agnozing over it. It is getting me no closer to knowing for 100%, the truth and I feel disloyal to my in laws for doing so. Just as those who think they know it's fake, I feel in my heart I know it's real. Because to think my in laws would go to such lengths to decieve me is incomprehensible, and would truely break my heart, much more than disagreeing with strangers on a board.

    Thanks for letting me clear the air, I hope we can let it drop now, and I am still welcome on the board. I would feel a loss, if I felt I had to leave the board.

    Now, I am off for a message and facial for tonight! Thankfully it's a very busy weekend for us so I won't have time to think about this or the board and everything can be back to normal on Monday!
  2. Dear MsB, I wish you a Very Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day. Regardless of what the bag turns out to be (and if you took it to Hermes and SAs commmented on it, chances are you got the real thing) what REALLY truly matters is the love and care and kindness your MIL showed she has for you. At the end of the day, that is the only thing that really counts.
    Please don't go away!
  3. msbroberts, I missed your birthday and everything else because we had a power failure that lasted 'til 9 a.m. our time I am confident that you are profoundly welcome on the board, and your post is very gracious indeed. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing facial and a marvellous weekend.
  4. I wish you a wonderful birthday and lots and lots of bags!!!! :yahoo:
  5. I'm with Hello. The only thing that matters in the end is your happiness and the loving relationship with the MIL. Just leave it at that. Best Wishes for your party and birthday.
  6. Happy birthday, msb!! I hope you feel better soon and that this upcoming year be filled with happiness and lots of bags.:flowers:
  7. ^^ Yes. Happy Birthday, MsB! :drinkup:
  8. happy b-day and may you have a blast on your bday.... just enjoy your day, don't let anything ruin it, and keep smiling.. ppl always will have opinions, but what will matter the most is your opinion.... with u all the luck.. and ocngrats on your new purchases.
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  10. ^ Ditto lilach, but I don't have the cute smily guys!
  11. Wishing you a lovely birthday and I hope to see you continue on the board!
  12. I read your original post and the thread that followed yesterday and felt HORRIBLE for you.

    This is the way I see it. You have the right attitude, for sure. You have an amazing MIL who loves you dearly and THAT is more important than ANY handbag in the world and I'm sure I don't even need to tell you that.

    The gift she gave you is beautiful! The thought behind the gift was even moreso. Enjoy your bag and cherish the givers more than the gift itself. At the end of the day, these are just things. We love them and love talking about them and sharing photos of them here, but again - they are just things.

    Congratulations to you, enjoy your beautiful day and your loving family! I look forward to more posts from you!!
  13. Happy Birthday!!!!
  14. Congratulations on your Birthday! - and your bag! - (. . .and your courage!)
    I can tell by your post that you will follow your heart! . . .Always the right thing to do!
    Again . . Best Wishes!
  15. Happy Birthday!
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