Just came back from the Chanel Boutique and this is what I got.....

  1. A Dark Brown Expandable tote:yahoo:!!, I have been searching for an everyday dark brown tote, consider the jumbo flap, but they did not have it in caviar so this tote will do:smile:, what do you ladies think???


    07A A36060Y01669
    Drk Brown (90912)
    Retail: $2295
    ccbrownbag.JPG ccbrownbag2.JPG ccbrownbag3.JPG
  2. I will tell you what I think!


    Wow, I absolutely love it in the brown. Congrats, you have yourself a stunner there
  3. Sooooooooooooo gorgeous! Great every day bag and LOVE the color!
  4. Love the color! It's so elegant and a definite keeper:heart:
  5. That's really, really nice. I love a brown bag, but don't have one. The color os so versatile, and that style is really great. I love the chain on the handles and on the sides, beautiful bag. Beautiful :tup::yes::nuts:
  6. Love the color, very rich brown! congrats!!
  7. It is a beautiful chocolate-y brown! You can never go wrong with this color, and Chanel does it so well. You made a terrific purchase! The expandable totes are so chic and functional. Congrats!

  8. Gorgeous color, stunning bag; Congratulations on an awesome purchase!
  9. Norma, it's GORGEOUS! pls post modelling pix as i'd like to see how big it is. the color is just TDF
  10. Congrats! it's such a beautiful colour! :drool:
  11. ooh it's so prettyy! which chanel did you get it at?
  12. Congrats!!!:tup:
  13. That has to be my favorite color in that ligne - not even the red gets me as much as that deep, luscious, chocolatey brown :heart: Congrats!!!
  14. Very pretty bag, congrats!
  15. i adore it in this color!