Just browsing and came across this "ideal present for Grandma"

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  1. My first thought was .....this seller took better pics than most of the sellers on eBay trying to sell the handbags I've been looking at lately.
    My second though.....ewwww gross.
  2. LOL! My FIRST thought was "ewww!"
  3. Beyond "ewww".. & let's hope Grandma doesn't file a SNAD.. LOL
  4. LOL, she/he has a great sense of humour too: Check out this "hideous" mannequin:


    My first thought was 'what is that?!' and then and it's even missing a paw poor thing' and the PRICE!
  5. :lolots:
  6. My first thought was how this reminded me of a cat that I once had. He killed a rat once and kept bringing it's skin to our front door...as a gift I suppose. :sick: I say 'kept bringing' because my brother threw it across the fence twice and the cat kept bringing it back. :nogood:

    It would most definitely be SNAD since there is no mention of the missing foot. I'd expect my rat to have all his feet! :giggles:

    Is that an orange by the rat for scale? Holy crap that's a big rat!
  7. This is hilarious - and gross - all at the same time.

  8. :lol:
  9. I'm puzzled as to why grandmothers would get singled out as a target market for this.:shocked:
  10. I totally want one of these now.
  11. Would SNAD include having a heartbeat? :lol:
  12. Oh, why do I look at these things? Curiosity gets the better of me.

  13. Perhaps because the thread is entitled:

    Just browsing & came across this "ideal present for Grandma"

    Have a laugh...not meant to be so puzzling..
  14. It wasn't the OP who decided this would be ideal for Grandma. The description states: Ideal present for Grandma.