Just brought my first Balenciaga and I have questions


May 24, 2010
Hi ladies,

I just brought my first Balenciaga bag (a part time) and I have a few questions.

1. Does Balenciaga offera cleaning service (like Chanel does)? If not, how do you clean your bags?
2. Can you get the handles replaced if they begin to look discolored?
3. How do you store your bags (with or without paper)?
4. About how long do the bags last?
5. Lastly, are these bags addictive (I've only had mine for a day and I already want another one :smile:

Thanks in advance :smile:


Jan 16, 2012
Hi there, welcome to bal!

1. I don't know if bal has a cleaning service but you can always look into lovinmybags.com, they have products and also do spa services for the bags with fantastic results from what I have seen and heard of.
2. Lovinmybags again
3. I stuff mine with paper and store in dustbag, I just started a thread on how ppl store their dustbags so check that out.
4. They can last you for as long as you want them to. Bal bags do require a little bit of pampering though.
5. YES!!! :nuts::nuts: