Just bought this at Barneys in NY today...

  1. Total impulse buy! I never even considered buying this style because I'm only 5'2" and thought it would be too big. But I tried it on and it really looked great, so much different than I thought it would...This is definitely a bag you need to see on to see how great it is! Anyway, here it is, my new Day bag in violet.....
  2. ohhh la la :drool: i love it! the leather looks very chewey and i really like violet in the day style. congrats!!!
  3. :heart::heart::heart: Violet! Great color choice! The day bag slouches so much that it doesn't look nearly as big as its dimensions are when it is worn. It will look even better once you break it in.:yes:
  4. Ooooooooo-it's gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. congrats on your violet day! simply gorgeous! would love to see modeling pictures.
  6. The day is my favorite! What keeps it from looking too big is the sag. Gotta love the sag!! (on a bbag anyway:lol:)
  7. Love the color, congrats!
  8. WOW love the color and leather! Awesome that you were able to find one, congrats!

    Good find girl!

    OT: ILIKEPENGUINS: I love that you changed your avatar to Balenciaga!!!!
  10. congrats! p/s: i need that assurance i'm barely 5'2 - thanks!
  11. GORGEOUS! I don't think I've even ever seen a Violet Day without GH, it's so chic and the leather on yours - divine! Congrats!
  12. Great buy! Can't go wrong with a Violet Day, even on a 5'2" frame. It's such a versatile bag, it looks great of everyone. Congrats!

  13. wow, i thought the violet RH day was completely sold out!! fantastic find!! i love the Day style, too, by the way. i'm 5'3" and really thought it would overwhelm me, but now i carry my sienna all the time.
  14. violet looks great in the rh day - my favorite style for that color!!! Congrats on the find.
  15. I really love that color! Congrats :smile: