Just bought my first Fendi, what do you guys think?

  1. Oh my gosh. I have that. I brought it at the Fendi store so I didn't pay that price. Enjoy and Congrats.
  2. Very cute, sassy little purse!
  3. It's very cute. Good choice!
  4. That's a sweet bag- congrats!
  5. That is a cute bag congratulations.
  6. Cute! Congrats.
  7. Great choice for a first Fendi bag..love the zucca tortuga combination:tup:...Congrats!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Very very good choice! I'd love to see this bag in real life it looks beautiful. Modelling pic?
  9. are the bags on jomarshop authentic? your fendi is real nice.. enjoy it
  10. I'm wondering the same thing about Jomashop. Are all of their bags authentic or does one need to be careful with them??
  11. So far every bag from Jomashop that we have seen has been Authentic. I'd buy from them in a heartbeat! :tup:
    You can also submit bag to authentification thread after you buy the bag to make sure & they have a tried & true 30 day return policy....what's not to love? :yahoo:
  12. How much does it hold? I'm thinking about getting the denim one.
  13. I will be able to answer that come tomorrow or friday :smile:
  14. :confused1: DOES THIS WEBSITE GUARANTEE? how was your experience?