Just bought a shoulder bag at Nordstrom...

  1. I'm so happy that I just bought a MEDIUM HAYMARKET SHOULDER BAG at Nordstrom tonight, I purchased it at Nordstrom website and pick it up in person at store because it sold out very fast.

    I now have a concern, I checked the pattern on the side seam of the bag, but it's not perfect at all, is it acceptable? Or is it a fake bag? Would people return a fake bag to Nordstrom and Nordstrom sell the bag as an authentic bag??

    I found that the picture shown on official burberry website is very perfect.

    Here are pictures of my bag:

    Please anyone can help me!

  2. This should probably go into the Authenticate This thread.
  3. Would Nordstrom actually accept this return if it was a fake? They would have to have a receipt, surely!
  4. What I mean is, someone bought a Burberry bag at Nordstrom, and return a fake one with the receipt and all tags that come from the real bag he/she got from Nordstrom.

    There are many "Mirror" fake bags in China, which means they are fake but 100% made like real one.

    My friend's sister-in-law took a Mirror fake LV purse to local LV store for repair, and the staff there didn't even notice it's a fake LV. :graucho:

    But never mind, I just returned it back to Nordstrom, because I'm not satisfied with the quality, I shown the staff in Nordstrom and she said it's not acceptable too.
  5. Oh ok, I understand now :smile:
    But that's good that you returned it!!
  6. WOW, I am totally shocked!! :wtf:
  7. x2!!!

    That is why I freaked out when I bought a bag from a gal off Craig's List....she kept telling me she bought it at a Burberry boutique and I kept getting a bad feelign about it until Addy on here confirmed it was a good bag! Whew...I could breathe! People are just so crooked these days! :sad: Makes me sad
  8. Are you serious? Are you saying we can't even trust the products at the high end department stores to be real Burberry? Aren't they supposed to have a staff this is knowledgeable in the designer handbags they carry?
  9. can't see any pics, they r erro :-S
  10. oh my does it mean it's better not to Purhase from Nordstrom?
    Anyway they aren't cheap at all. - if I am not mistaken.
  11. Nordstrom does not resale ANY bag a customer returns. They all get sent out. I work at nordstroms no matter how good of condition it's in they don't put it back kn the floor
  12. I have definitely returned bags to my local Nordstrom and I'm 100% it was back on the sales floor within a week. So...some stores do.
  13. That original Burberry price tag with the security black tag of that handbag that I got were already cut off when I receive it from the Customer Service which I ordered it online and pick up in store.

    The dust bag of that bag were also in poor condition.

    I saw the same bag on the floor the next week I returned the bag.