Just bought a pyothon silveradoish Chloe! What do you think?

  1. :yahoo: Hey gals! I just bought this bag at yoox.com, I have never seen it before, it's like a silverado shopping tote! but best of all; it's in PYTHON! :nuts: always wanted the python silverado but...I couldn't justify it since I already have a black silverado which I don't use too much.. since it's a bit small..(i pack alot of stuff ) So this one was just peeeerfeeeect! What do you girls think?

    link: Chloe' - Handbags - Large leather bag Chloe' on YOOX


    It's kinda funky-looking, but I like it:upsidedown:
    My mom (a complete Bottega-fan, who never has appreciated Chloe) fell inlove when she saw it and wants to share her with me lol. she accidentaly saw it, and I got scared (tend to keep my bag-purchases a secret...eh...:shame: ) but I got soo relieved when she was screaming out of love....:drool: :heart:

    I will post pictures when she arrives!!
  2. Cool!! Congrats!! Python-fever is in the air- hee hee (see my poll)...
  3. I love it! Python is just gorgeous! And yoox is fabulous to deal with! Excellent customer service!
  4. It looks pretty gooood! I hope it's as beautiful as it looks when it comes in...keep us informed!
  5. That is a great bag!!!! I love the Chloe Silverados, but never saw this version- so beautiful!
  6. LOVE IT :yahoo: it's beautiful
  7. I love the colour and the shape is really cute, it's lovely :love:

    congrats! :flowers:
  8. I love python bags! It looks beautiful~ congrats! :heart:
  9. Very nice and diffrent!
  10. This style came out at the same time as the Chloe "doctor" bags, which were in all the ads, and didn't get much attention. It's really nice. Congrats!
  11. thank you lovely laides! I hope I will like her... finally I will have some rockin' lizard :smile:
  12. What a fabulous bag! :smile:
  13. i think that's a lovely bag, i'm so jealous :smile: i wish i could get python here in Sydney. It's a gorgeous colour by the way
  14. Has it arrived yet. Will be great to see if it is just as lovely in real life :yes:
  15. Just a follow up to C-B on your bag - did it arrive yet?