Just bought a Coffer... and it broke!

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  1. I just came back from a trip with my new coffer from HK.
    The gold ring hardware fell off! It hasn't even been a month!

    Does anyone know where I can fix it in San Francisco?
    My receipt is from VIP Station in HK.. is that valid for a purchase receipt?

  2. ... R U 100% IT IS AUTHENTIC?

    I don't think it's covered if not purchased from the boutique... but i think you can call Miu Miu Beverly Hills they may able to help you out and fix at a cost....
  3. You mean the gold ring on the handle fell off? wow. sorry to hear that.
    VIP Station is a store who is supposily buying from Europe at cheaper price and resell it in HK. Not sure if it is authentic....I have not bought from it before.
    Yes, check with a MM boutique and ask how much to fix it then.
  4. heard stories of VIP....
    I don't know I am on the fence about VIP/Milan station & such
  5. Whoa... :shocked: I don't baby my coffer at all and I've had it since 2007 and those rings are as sturdy as ever. Do you know how it broke? Is it a 2009 coffer?
  6. Ummm.... that will be a hard one... especially if it is from VIP Station... maybe you should call the HK VIP Station store and see what they have to say! You might be able to send it back to them for a full refund?
  7. I had a similar experience with my Harlequin. The ring broke within 10 days and I didn't even use it everyday.

    I bought it during sale at SG Miu Miu and encountered some nonsense about having to pay for repair cos it's bought during sale. After a couple of emails, they did send it back for repair, FREE.

    After a year, the ring seems to loosen a bit now, so I stop using it now. My past incident has made me very very wary of miu miu. Now, when I shop for bags, I make sure the handle and bag are not joined by just 2 rings. Too fragile.

    I hope you are able to get your coffer repaired!
  8. Has anyone purchased anything from VIP Station? I know they sell authentic things, because I looked at all their Chanel items and they were authentic. So I thought it would be the same for Miu Miu.

    I'm devastated! I emailed VIP Station and they told me to take a photo and send it to them. The ring fell off ..the ring has a push-pin like thing it unclicked out of it so the strap is useable.
  9. ?
  10. according to my HK colleagues who are based here, told me VIP sells authentic items.