Just back from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...

  1. and got THE last Black Diane Tote in the company (they found it for me over a week ago and it finally arrived yesterday). AND (drum roll, please)... it was on SECOND markdown. So it was originally $1,150 and then marked down to $689.90 and I got it for $459.90! Can you stand it!? Called and cancelled my order for the Large Black Bowler, which was to have shipped today. This is far more practical, as it will fit over my shoulder. Going to return my Small Chalk Bowler, if anyone is interested. Just too small for me. As much as I love it, I just can't justify keeping it when I can barely fit anything besides my MJ clutch in it, and it's just sitting here staring at me (through the dustbag... LOL).

    On another note, my Chili Hudson was the hit of the store. I walked into handbags, and LITERALLY the SAs who weren't working when I picked it up ran over and were like "oh, YOU are the one who got the Hudson! We HEARD about this bag!" and customers were dying over it. I held on a little tighter, as Hudson was worried about being kidnapped (ha ha). SOOOOOO fired up about this bag. The size is right, it's not heavy. And someone mentioned in another thread being worried that the center section doesn't snap or close in any way. However, I must tell you... even with my keys and cosmetic bag in the center section, it closes at the top on its own... does NOT gape open like the center section of the Blake can. LOVE THIS BAG!!!
  2. Pics please!!!
  3. Yes, I need to see it. I can't wait to pick up my bags tonight.
  4. So happy for you Baghound. Great, great news!
  5. Wow, congratulations. Show us some pics!
  6. I'm glad to hear the Hudson doesn't gape open. I look forward to trying her out!

    I'd love to see pics of the Diane!
  7. so excited for you, i can't wait to see 'em!
  8. BagHound, congrats! =) WOW, that's more than 60% off! Great find! =)

  9. outstanding. i am sooo excited for you. oh, please do post pict of your Hudson.
  10. Hey, everyone! Pics of my Hudson are shown in that separate thread! :smile:
  11. Wow Baghound!!! Those pics are gorgeous!! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!!:love: