just asking for advice

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  1. hi gals - hope you are all well.

    Just wanted some advice.
    If you have filed a claim with paypal (and its going to take a while) and then you file a chargeback (because there is a time period that you have to do it in) what happens if paypal send you an email saying 'you've requested a chargeback' ... what do you do? Do you just let the chargeback happen or if it doesnt happen just wait for the original claim?

    Sorry, ive never done this before so am a bit dumb at it! :s
  2. okay - i think i got an answer to my question ... the chargeback claim now overpowers the other one. So the original claim comes up as closed and its now open with chargeback. Does anyone know the next step?
  3. MJ, not to start anything here AGAIN, but since you are not answering my emails about contacting your police station to file a claim and/or giving me instructions on how to do it as I have requested, when I received your claim for a chargeback, they asked that I offer information to the claim, so I did.

    I hate this, I really do. I went ahead and offered you what you wanted, and that seems to be unacceptable (which I would not want either); but that's what you asked for.

    Because the burden of proof falls on you, I cannot do anything further. If you would at least help me contact the police in your area to file the complaint, that would have been a start.

    Im sorry for both of us, and we will await your CC decision.
  4. :rolleyes:
  5. :whistle:
  6. I have no idea mjlover but hopefully someone else who has been there will chime in....we are all in different time zones so many experts may be snoozing...good luck,
  7. Hey darling! Your CC company should've given you a refund conditonally already, but if they haven't they will do an investigation and then decide. I'm wishing you a fast and satisfactory conclusion ASAP!!!
  8. Once you start a chargeback, it's between you and the bank, Paypal as I know will not intervene since they have closed the dispute. Just wait for bank instructions I guess.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.