Just arrived Medium Heritage Tote in pink!

  1. My new medium Heritage Tote in pink just arrived!! I am beyond excited. I :heart: her already. Sorry for the bad pics I had to use my camera phone. This was my first modeling pic! I am totally in love with this bag.:love:
    coach pic 3.jpg coach pic 2.jpg coach pic 1.jpg
  2. Wow - there is definitely going to be NO pink bags left for March PCE (CRAP). She is so pretty!!! Congrats!!
  3. ^^Yeah, I think I need to cave really soon!^^

    Looks VERY cute. You wear it well.
  4. I love it!!!!!!! Now I REALLY can't wait for my exchange of small to medium to arrive!!!! It looks GREAT on you!!! :smile:
  5. She looks great on you! You will get a ton of complimets! I got swarmed at my Coach store today when I wore mine
  6. She looks very pretty on you! Congrats!
  7. She looks gorgeous on you congrats!^-^
  8. It does look the perfect size for you. I can't wait for my exchange from medium to large!:yes:
  9. VERY cute on you!!! Enjoy! I'm lovin' all these Heritage tote pics! :yes:
  10. That bag looks so adorable on you!
  11. Gosh I so love this bag! Congrats! I own the very same bag and am
    taking it out tomorrow for it's first outing. Love the pink and you it
    looks great on you!
  12. GORGEOUS!!!! you have me drooling here....I think I am going to need this bag as well for the spring!!!!! You have GREAT taste!!!!
  13. oh man, she is pretty! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. It looks good on you! Congrats!
  15. Thanks so much for the nice compliments! Lots of firsts for me today... my first thread started...my first bag ordered from Jax, and my first post with photos....definitely not the last :yahoo: