Just arrived! Large Vanity tote! Pics!

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  1. So snagged this from BG for $580 regular retail I believe was $1300. This bag is freaking gorgeous! Its huge and so pretty! Coated canvas. I never saw this at the boutique, had I, I would have paid $1300 without blinking!!!


    Loves it!!!
  2. That's a nice tote! I love the shinny trim. I think I saw that at the boutique and I remember thinking...it's so pretty but it's too big for me. That bag for $580 is a steal!! CONGRATS!!!
  3. That bag is gorgeous! I have never seen that style before. What an amazing bargain- congrats! Is the tag hanging on the front mirror-like?
  4. Yes its a mirror, like the Moonlight evening bags I got from NM....I am so spoiled by these sales, wont be able to pay retail anymore! LOL!
  5. So cute! I saw it online but had just missed it - glad you got it! Thanks for sharing your pics
  6. wow it is gone. Love it!!
  7. great buy! so pretty :tup:
  8. oh wow. thats a beautiful bag.. :sunshine::sunshine:
  9. Great bag and what a steal! I want the Boston version of that bag.
  10. I woudl love to see a picture of that boston!!!
  11. Beautiful bag, Congratulations!!
  12. Hot tamale! Never seen it before either! enjoy
  13. Wow~~* It's a nice bag one :tup:
    Congratulation! :smile:
  14. Nice bag, congrats!
  15. really nice bag