Just a small loot...

  1. Yesterday I went to the Sydney H store and bought a few things...


    Au Galop pochette

    De Passage a Tokyo twilly

    Ulysses PM notebook in black togo (+ refill)

    Enjoy! :smile:
  2. Congratulations, no_1_diva! Those are niece H pieces :yes:.
  3. My DH and I love your Gallop Pochette!
    Great loot!
    I'm glad you are on the H side!
  4. Not such "a small loot'. A very nice loot. Great and useful pieces.
  5. "Small loot" but so very pretty!
  6. great score!!! everything goes so well together!
  7. Nice. Classic.
  8. Love the pochette and twilly!
  9. Not so small :smile: and they all go so well together, I'm so swept away with the rainbow of H colours that this gorgeous and stunning monochromatic effect gets forgotten, beautiful!!
  10. beautiful, classic pieces, nice choice
  11. Small loot my butt! More like BIG LOOT!

    Congrats.... I especially love your scarf!
  12. Congrats!!

    Love the black and white theme. The scarf is gorgeous :tup:
  13. congrats, Vogue still doesn't let me post, so ill talk to you here lol. did they have any of the largest sized Ulyesses at the store? the size that fits roughly A5 size paper?
  14. congrats on your loot! great collection...enjoy!:flowers:
  15. Congratulations on your splendid choices!