Just a *little* bit of PULP :) PICS

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  1. Went to LV today, wanted to get maybe a few SMALL things. I could not deicide so I just went with the first one I wanted haha. This will due until I get my yellow weekender GM. I also saw the duderanch. I am BUYING that! its beautiful.

    Well enjoy... nothin MAJOR!

    oh and thats the actual look book in 2nd pic haha I got my hands on a copy it... MUA HAHAH :nuts:


  2. Congrats Matt, I LOVE the colors... the Vernis is hot too!
  3. Love the Pulp scarves!!
  4. gorgeous matt! congrats on the pulp piece and on scoring a copy of the lookbook! haha, nice.
  5. Cute scarf... :smile:
  6. Love the Pulp bandanas, they're so colorful and fun. Congrats!
  7. nice scarf....how u gong ot use it?:P

    how did u score that look book?:confused1:
  8. Isn't it great! I picked one up yesterday.
  9. gorgeous scarf .... pls post pix when you get the duderanch
  10. congrats on the scarf, Matt!! :yahoo: anything interesting in the lookbook? :smile:
  11. love it! congrats!
  12. The look book isn't any thing on this years. I WILL be getting that one soon enough. This is a majority of last years goods

    LE lockits, LE exotic Marilyn, white/yellow gold clutch, jewelry, watches, patchwork, lots of luggage.

    then on the back, it gives the most detailed descriptions with photos and high lights, its awesome
  13. Love the pulp bandana. So cute with the colors. Cobgrats!
  14. awesome! cant wait to see the weekender, i love the gm!
  15. It's so cute, I love it ... congrats!