Just A Hypothetical Question

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  1. If you were to choose between fjord or togo which one would you prefer ?
    I have both so far i prefer fjord as it seems to stay in shape more than togo ...
  2. You are right kaka Fjord is more structured than togo. Both are great bags. I have a togo birkin but would purchase fjord for its stiffness.
  3. I will love to have every leather as they mentioned, each leather has its own unique smell:smile:

    I only have togo, and doesn't mind the slouchiness.
  4. Thanks Sus im actually thinking of getting another birkin but the color i want does not come in fjord only togo.
  5. Right now im leaning towards another fjord.... I always love reading other member's input and views on leather so everybody's input is very highly appreciated and thank you very much in advance :smile:
  6. Fjord for rigidity and rainproof qualities
    Togo for being slightly lighter and less veiny
  7. Fjord - love the veins :heart:
  8. I would pick togo. Fjord is heavier than togo, and my togo is already heavier than I'd like it to be.