Jurlique products you like/dislike?

  1. I searched for a thread on Jurlique, and didn't find any, so I thought I'll start one!

    I just went into Jurliqe this weekend for the first time and got a tube of Lavender bubble bath. The SA was telling me how effective their products are, but I don't know anyone who uses them...so I don't know if she was just trying to sell, you know?

    What are some products that you've tried? Do they work or not work?
  2. My fave Jurlique products are the rosewater spray, silk dust (use instead of loose powder - it's FAB!) and hand cream. In fact, their rose handcream is my HG.
  3. I love their foaming face wash, calendula cream, their masks, beauty creme(used around eye area) and their mint shampoo. I like that their products are made from pure ingredients rather than a lot of synthetic crap. Oh, I also like their mists and hand cremes. Another line that I mix with this for skin care is Sonya Dakar, and then I'm SUPER picky with eye cremes so I have a ton that I switch around with, my faves are Natura Bisse, Revive, and Shu Uemura right now....just thought I'd ad that...
  4. Lola, do you like Jurlique's eye cream/gel? I'm currently using Loccitane's and not too impressed...and looking for something to switch to.
  5. I like the calendula cream and the foaming face wash too. But I like Dermalogica's face wash better.

    Jurlique needs to be fresh and it is too expensive.
  6. I love their Rose shower gel. :heart:
  7. I was using the witch hazel face wash for oily skin but it didn´t do much for me.
  8. Rose or lavender hand cream
    body oil
    body lotion
    deep penetrating mask
    rose water spray
    oil concentrate- for bath, feet soaking and face wash
  9. I like their Rose water freshening spray.. but I don't like the smells of some of their stuff...a little too strong for my liking.
  10. Sorry, I never tried it but just to let you know that my co-worker uses some of their products and she has beautiful skin.
  11. Rose hand cream - absolutely love it
  12. my facialist recommended their moor mud masque to get the blackheads out of my nose, and it's the ONLY thing that has ever worked - you put a little on every night before you go to bed, and after a few days, you start to see the difference.

    i also use it about every week and a half on my entire face, and it's a great exfoliator for my dry skin. makes it baby soft for days!

    it's expensive ($72 for a large tube) but it's effective, and god knows how much money i've wasted on stuff that isn't...
  13. whoops sorry, posted in the wrong place ;)
  14. You may want to check out Aesop products as well, it's also an Australian skincare line and I prefer it to Jurlique. :smile:
  15. I like it, I always use several products - recovery vgel , rose water, cleaner, mask, remover, hand cream!