June 2019 / Summertime fun begins!!

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  1. Long time no see, Chanel friends. :wave: I am excited to share my latest purchase. It is so fun and also a major departure from anything else I have in my collection. I (along with my kitty Walter) present the Street Spirit Toile Backpack (otherwise known as the Graffiti backpack). :love:

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  3. Congrats on your gorgeous new backpack DM — it looks fabulous on you. It is wonderful to see you and Walter here again :smile:.
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  4. Here is my June addition. Waiting for it to arrive. New 2.55 coin case

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  5. The grungy 90s teen inside me fell for the graffiti this collection!! :smile: Have these two cool cuties on the way to me!

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  6. Thank you so much, my darling friend IM. :hugs::heart:

    Thank you so much, Frillylily.:hbeat: Walter loves to examine every new item coming into the house. Dexter can't really be bothered. :lol: We keep lint rollers all over the house, including the car....small price to pay for their love and companionship. :catlick::heart:
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  7. I’m so sorry. I posted my picture on your post. I accidentally hit the wrong reply button on the wrong message. I apologize!
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  8. I started my birthday month with a bang!!
  9. Dear Bentley, what a beautiful Combo!! Enjoy your new beauties!!:loveeyes::flowers:
  10. Thank you so much, Nerja!! :heart::hbeat:
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  11. the blue reminds my of mermaid. very pretty birthday gifts you've got! Happy birthday!

    My birthday is in June too and hoping for the deauville!
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  12. Happy Birthday.....I don’t know you personally but I feel that coco handle is SO you! Lol.....just from your collection that you’ve posted on here. Congrats, both are stunning bags!!!
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  13. Gorgeous! I neeeed
  14. 8197FECD-0D02-42FE-B1D3-21FA18A89078.jpeg My first Chanel purchase.
  15. Happy to add this Deauville Tote (black with grey/silver font and specs, shiny ruthenium hardware). It is described as "medium", but the tag shows "large" (because...you know...Chanel LOL). It is the 10.2" x 13.8" x 6.2" size.

    CCDeauvilleA.jpg CCDeauvilleB.jpg CCDeauvilleC.jpg
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