Jumping the Trenino Bandwagon .. here's mine!

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  1. Got some pics and here's my newest addition :



    I've decided to keep this one and the other one, my friend wanted it. She didn't want to trade her CR Zucca, so do you think I should sell the other Trenino to her? Hmmm .. I don't know what to tell her though.
  2. Ohh its pretty! I love the back!
  3. congrats! :biggrin:
  4. pretty trenino!

    so u got 2 citta rosa trenino and u wanna sell 1 to ur friend?
  5. Beautful Citta Rosa trenino!
    Umm I guess if she's not gonna trade u should sell it to her. I mean don't just give it away ... lol

    or if u can't bear to part with the other one either ... keep the other one too ... lmao
  6. love your trenino. congrats!
  7. Beautiful bag! Great placement!!!
  8. I guess, but I also like the other one since it has more of the city scene. My friend has 2 CR Zucca and I wanted to trade initially. She refused. So, I guess I'm gonna sell it to her then.
  9. I do need the $$ to get more bags but otherwise, I would really keep BOTH! Crazy right?:P
  10. Congrats!
  11. aww PinkPeony .. she has 2 CR Zuccas and she won't trade u one?! that sucks ... :sad:

    lol yeah if you didn't need the money for more bags I'd def. say keep both !! :biggrin:
  12. I don't blame her though. Had it been me, I am reluctant to let go too. :nogood: Her CR Zucca are TDF! I am very happy with my trenino though.
  13. ok as long as you're happy with what you have :yes:
    yeah .. I'd probably be reluctant to let go too :smile:
  14. Congratulations!:dothewave:
  15. To those who just bought a Trenino, how do you plan to use it? Just wondering since I am not too sure what to do with mine ... not going on a dream vacation soon since money in the bank is depleting from all this shoping binge ...