Jumbo red modern chain available

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  1. I am crazy, but I just passed on the jumbo caviar modern chain flap in red in hope of attaining the red tote instead:nuts: Anyway, if you are looking for it call Natasha at NM Charlotte 704-442-7900 and tell her Melissa sent you.
  2. Someone snagged this beauty already! Glad it went to a PF'er!
  3. Hi I was the lucky one to get it!!:yahoo: Many thanks to this great pfer who offered her up. :yes: Will post pics when my new addition arrives!
  4. ^You are lucky I didn't see this before you - darn!!

    I have the MC tote in black and am dying for an MC flap in another color.

    Congrats on your purchase but I'm green with envy!

  5. Maxter, How do you like the MC tote? I turned down this flap hoping for the tote in red.
  6. Sounds like the Charlotte NM might have more available. So if anyone is looking, it can't hurt to call and ask Natasha!
  7. Enjoy your bag! I love red bags...