Jumbo colours

  1. Turned down a red caviar jumbo but still thinking of getting a jumbo, can anyone recommend a colour apart from red, a bag with the old chain rather than the new.

  2. I'd get black or beige personally. Both are classic and you can use them forever.

    (I would have killed for your red one though!)
  3. yes the RED!! haha I like the grey color. I think it more unique than the usual black. but I also love it in beige with gold hw..=)
  4. I've seen white, black, red, beige, grey, violet.
  5. the gorgeous denimey blue...i think its called fonce..........
  6. ^ Yeah, it's called blue fonce, and it's a pretty grey/blue color. I have a black jumbo (old chain), red jumbo (new chain), and light beige (old chain), and I think you can't go wrong with black, light beige, beige, or brown! :smile:
  7. are fonce and violet still available? i want one so baddddd! what's the lastest price of the jumbo? thanks girlssss ;):smile::smile::smile:
  8. Hi. :smile: You definitely can't find violet anymore... it was Fall '06, and to my understanding, sold out Chanel wide. :crybaby: Rarely, they pop up on eBay, and that might be your best recourse. As for the blue fonce, that would be easier to find comparitively... maybe call the 800 number, or ask an SA to do a company wide search for you. If there is a Blue Fonce flap in the Reference Library, take down the information and give it to your SA for the search. Good luck! :tup: