Jumbo Classic FLap

  1. Ok I was just in the chanel boutique at NM in Tysons corner.. they are refurbishing my pink medallion tote- free of charge I might add..
    anyway none of the bags there tickled the fancy.. but I did however pick up the classic jumbo flap in black with gold hardware... odd though I thought the jumbo flap was way bigger than that.. I remember trying it out before and thiught it was SO much bigger than it is.. Even in the pictures it looks bigger.. Help me out.. is there another bag similar to that in a bigger size.. or am I just losing it.. lol price is $1695.00
  2. That's the jumbo - it's the price I paid for mine. I thought the bag looked bigger IRL than in the photos!
  3. I got it in black with the silver hardware.

    Not as gi-normous as you would imagine.

    But every inch is pure beauty.

  4. I have it in Black with Gold H/W but got it three years ago before the price increase. Back then it was 1200.00, I believe.
  5. Congrats on the jumbo - as well as the free refurbishment from Chanel. That's great!!
  6. I bought a Classic Flap at Bloomies a few weeks ago - Caviar Leather with gold hardware. It measured 12" across and cost $1,695. Is this the Jumbo? I am confused about the names of the different sizes and am trying to get it straight. :confused1:
  7. suedoc, that should definitely be the jumbo.

  8. Thank you! I get confused when I see some "Jumbos" on eBay that are at over 13" across.
  9. hey michelle- what part of md are you in ??
    one more ??? is that the jumbo that mary kate is carrying- the one that is the gorgeous red.. that is TDF.
    Thanks for everyones help....