Jumbo Classic Black Caviar w/GH too "old"??

  1. OK, I have finally decided what to get for my first Chanel. I have been debating between the Jumbo Classic and the GST w/GH and the Jumbo has come out on top and thats what I'm getting first! I am 25 (next week)... and this will be for an everyday bag that I will use at night as well. I want a very classic Chanel but but I'm wondering if the Jumbo classic in black with Gold hardware is too "old" LOL. I think I do prefer the look of the gold vs. silver although I like the silver as well...I know the silver is a little more modern but is the gold too classic for a 25 yr old for everyday? I wear mostly 2-tone silver and gold jewelry. I love the GST with gold harware but the flap is a more classic style...
  2. I personally wear more silver and like the look more so that is what I went with for my jumbo. That said, I don't think it's really too old and I don't find the silver too modern. Really, I think it just comes down to personal preference. If you love the yellow gold, go for it. You won't regret it!
  3. i think both gold and silver are gorgeous on the jumbo! and since you wear two-toned jewelry, both would work! But it seems like you are drawn to the gold first and foremost, and you should go with your first instinct! I think the gold is a nice classic look, and definitely not too "old"...go for it!
  4. Go w/ your gut and go for the gold!! i want one too for my collection one day and I'm not "old" LOL
  5. I agree with Moi you should go with the first thing that you drawn to. I've second guessed myself before, only to regret it later.
  6. Agree with everyone. I don't think GH is too old at all, listen to your heart. =)
  7. I will definitely go for classic with silver hardware. Looks more modern and stylish than gold hardware!
  8. Gold is classic and elegant without looking OLD.
  9. it definitely doesn't look too old, i think that combination is perfection :yes:
  10. i'm debating between that 2 bags too.. what makes you decide to get the jumbo? and i personally prefer the silver than the gold.. it looks a lot better with silver..
  11. definitely NOT old. AS Chanel puts it, it is "TIMELESS". A true classic that you will love for years to come. SO SO CLASSY!
  12. I don't think it is too old (I'm 23), if that is what you are worried about! You should go with what you love as everyone else has said.

    However, I recently purchased a bag with GH. I am much more of a silver person so I am regretting my decision although it is a beautiful bag...but if you wear two-toned jewelry you should not have that problem..
  13. my jumbo is with gold hw and it's def. NOT old looking :p
    i wore it down with my t shirts, vest, skinny jeans, and converse high tops and the bag still rocks!
  14. the GOLD is not old but classy...take a look at the recent post of bb10lue, she's just gotten the black jumbo caviar in gold HW....it's beautiful, with the right clothing you not only look great but will definately ROCK with the bag...

    Edited to add: totally agree with seahorsewithstripes
  15. the GH definitely doesn't look old. Like everybody's said, the classic flap is classic. Personally, I prefer it with silver, but that's just my style. the gold is still gorgeous.