Jumbo Chanel Reissue

  1. It's actually the 227 size - soooo, is this bag practical for every day use, even if you don't dress up every day? Is it workable with jeans, etc.? Eventually I'll be back to work and then it'll be perfect, but I'd be selling most of my bags to buy the Chanel - for that reason, I need to make sure it can work w/my entire wardrobe. I would love honest thoughts, thank you! :nuts:
  2. I love the 227s! They're roomy enough for all my stuff and usable for every day. I carry:
    a quart-size baggie with toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash,hand lotion, lipsticks, perfume
    phone, checkbooks(2),long wallet, coin purse, credit card holder, pens, small notepad, sunglass case
  3. wow regina, you can fit a lot! my sunglass cases are always so huge they won't ever fit in my flaps :sad:
  4. Wow - that is a lot of stuff ! Where's the pony....hehehe.:p