jumbo blush crackled patent classic flap

  1. PM me if you're interested, got a call from SA that they've just got one in, jumbo is too big for me, so i'm passing on it
  2. I know ALOT of people want this. Its the best bag color Flap I have ever seen. I adore mine.
  3. I got this today. Thank you so much. Nerphanie wanted this size so we can keep the navy blue patten leather one also. They are shipping it on Tuesday.
  4. great, hope you got it from tiffany, she's great...enjoy!
  5. Do they have one for me?
    desperate, I have tons of people looking for me, NO LUCK!
  6. Anyone have any pics of this particular bag? I haven't actually seen it yet, but there has been lots of hype about it, I believe its TDF!
    Any are greatly appreciated, thanks