Julie Chen

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  1. There are stories all over the web today about her facial surgery, but I'm not really sure why. I thought it was common knowledge?

    Is there something new or different to this story?
  2. I agree.


    She's not a nice person.
  3. Umm, no crap.... Funny how she mentions in one of the interviews, someone told her to move up she should get surgery. So she got the surgery and then really moved up my sleeping with a married man!

    Although she never speaks on that..
  4. She only admitted to getting her eyes done, but it looks like did a lot more than that to her face.

    I also read she's not a nice person.
  5. Clearly her nose has been done
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. I know right! It was totally common knowledge she had work done on her face.

    It ain't no big secret honey!
  8. I mean, she looked like she could Margaret Cho's uglier sister before. Who can blame her for having surgery?
  9. Well then, she should stop the bull about having her agent telling her she looks too ethnic.
    No, honey. You ugly big difference.
    As far as look she now looks like an Asian lady boy, imo.
    And yes, she stepped on many, many toes and slept her way to the top.
    She is a decent anchor but what I really want to know is why she fired Peete and the other one.
    Threatened much?
  10. Was.

    ALL of her credibility went out the window when she started hosting that BB nonsense. Every speck of it.

    Anyone that would be involved in any form of 'reality' show is completely and totally worthless as a journalist. The two genre's just don't go together.
  11. I still don't consider Julie Chen to be particularly attractive but I wonder if she would still have been able to snag the CBS CEO Billionaire (!!) if she never had the surgery. She carries herself quite well...very confident and intelligent.

    About firing Peete and Remini, that left a bad taste in my mouth. Especially how they were confused as to why they had to leave the show. It could have been Sara Gilbert's doing tho too...not necessarily Julie's. We'll never know.
  12. She should also admit to the nose...
  13. I agree about the firing of Peete and Remini -- it adds to the stories of how horrible she is.

    You don't think she is attractive? I think she's gorgeous. I've never seen someone wear as much eye makeup as her, but she can carry it, it looks great.
  14. Nope. She is not gorgeous IMO.she is plastic looking. Like an Asian Barbie.
    You being in Toronto, I am sure you see many, many more naturally attractive Asian women.
    Shoot, I can see better looking women while shopping in Flushing.
    Now, her drive and determination is something to be reckon with.
    But for all that talk about discrimination she sure is not promoting any minorities women unless they happen to be related to her.
    Not cool.
  15. I don't think she particularly attractive either. However, they did a show with no makeup and she looks much better without it.