Julianne Moore looking younger then ever!

  1. She looks gorgeous in the photos and we all know that she is an attractive woman that looks really good for her age (and a talented actress also) but I think that there may have been a bit of air brushing done to the cover (she looks like she's in her 20's imo). Even so, I really like the photos and she looks amazing!



  2. That last picture is really stunning! But the cover shot is too photoshopped to the point where she no longer looks real. You can have a few wrinkles and still be breathtaking...
  3. Wow - that's more than just a "bit" of airbrushing (she does look great though)!
  4. Dam. That HAS to be photoshopped or she could be making billions on her stay-young secrets.
  5. She's gorgeous woman but it's insanely photoshoped, she doesn't look like that anymore..so many lines on her face..
  6. the cover doesn't even look like JM
  7. You're so right -- I bet she says the same thing!:lol: :lol:
  8. I LOVE the second pic... :supacool:
  9. The cover is definitely photoshopped. She has freckles, similar to Lindsay Lohan. Julianne is beautiful though!
  10. She's gorgeous, but it bothers me that all these magazines feel that a woman in her 40's can't grace the cover without being so airbrushed that she hardly looks like herself. She's absolutely Lovely, why try to hide that she has some small wrinkles? Are we all supposed to try to be ageless?
  11. She looks stunning. Especially on the last picture. I love her, she's a great actress and a very beautiful woman.
  12. allure has this HORRIBLE habit of airbrushing their cover models into oblivion...

    reminds me of the episode of arrested development where gob had to make a fake license for lucille and he airbrushed her so bad had had to mark 'albino' :roflmfao:

    srsly, allure it out of control with that!
  13. those covers are getting on my nerves, everyone is the same..can't they think of anything new??
  14. I'm sure she would like to see herself on the cover, not be insulted by the extent of their airbrushing.
  15. Julianne Moore is one of the most beautiful women in my opinion, even without that ridiculous amount of airbrushing on the cover... I think she looks especially good in that last black and white photo.