Julian Medium Backpack

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  1. I was in Nordstrom today returning something I will not be able to use any longer due to an accident leaving me limited to options regarding handbags. I have tried using both the regular and the mini Julian backpacks. The larger one was a tad too large and ended up selling it and the mini was was a tad too small and I ended up giving to to my niece. Then I saw this at Nordstrom and was dumbfounded. It is the perfect everyday size and covers the best of both sizes!! It has a slip pocket on the back with a little magnetic closure for a phone (or whatever) just like the mini one has, but it has the side pockets like the regular size has and the 3 interior slip pockets like the regular one has. The side pockets are large enough to fit my keys into without a struggle! This was defintely a kimsmet find right there on the bottom shelf! I have provided a comparison photo with a 40oz. water bottle so you can see the size. On another note: please don't drive distracted! I was hit while on my bike by a woman who was putting on her make-up while driving with her visor down looking in the vanity mirror. Luckily, I was paying more attention than her and it could have been much worse. She is even trying to stick me with replacing her windshield and her dented hood from the impact with my body...some people.

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  2. First off, I'm glad you're okay!. What an idiot! The nerve of people.

    Secondly, the backpack looks super cute! [emoji3]
  3. Oh my gosh i hope you will recover quickly from your injuries. Are you sueing her for the cost of your physiotherapy?

    Glad you found the perfect size Julian, just like Goldilocks and the three Bears :smile:
  4. I thought julian only came in regular and mini sizes..... This one looks like the regular size 🤔
  5. And btw I was also hit by a car as a pedestrian crossing a crosswalk and they settled and also paid for all my medical bills. U need to get a good lawyer, clearly her fault being the distracted driver!!

  6. Nordies has this listed as a " Nordstrom exclusive". The dimensions are smaller and the back pocket is a slip instead of a zippered pocket. HTH[emoji173]️

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461587683.818338.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461587694.521212.jpg

  7. Happy you found the perfect Julian. Hope you have a speedy recovery![emoji173]️[emoji173]️

  8. wow! that's awesome!! so there are 3 sizes and i guess this one must be a nordie's exclusive cause i haven't seen this size anywhere else. thanks for the info!! :biggrin:
  9. I just got this exact backpack at Nordstrom and I'm totally in love. It really is the perfect size.

    But I was surprised at how much variation there was in the leather grain. The one they had on display was especially uneven. One side had a smaller grained pebble texture, and the other side had a much larger grain. This caused the part where the bag folds to look uneven, since the leather on one side was thicker than the other. I asked the SA if they had more in their stock room, and she brought out one that was nicely matched, so I'm glad I went in person rather than order online.

    I wonder, is this something you see in other RM bags? Looking at OP's photos, her bag seems to have the larger grain pebble all over, while mine is a smaller grain, and to me the two "identical" bags have totally different personalities!
  10. I just received my bag which was purchased online from rebecca minkoff website. Bluevalentine, you were so right. I noticed the texture is slightly different for both sides too. It didnt bother me too much cos tats wat gives its character. :smile: Oh by the way, the bag is so soft and the size is dainty enough for my office job. Love it! Here r some photos of my version 20160620_211557.jpg 20160620_211543.jpg julian. ^^

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  11. Ketaloha, seeing pictures of your bag makes me want to go home and snuggle with mine! I love touching the leather too. And I agree, the size makes it feel like a purse rather than a backpack, so it's super versatile.
  12. Picked this up this morning :smile: love it!

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  13. This bag is not heavy even with all my stuff in it.

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  14. It looks great on you! Is that a Gap vest you have on? I have the same one in two colors :smile:
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