Juicy Zipperpull!

  1. So this morning I went to put on one of my old faithful Juicy zip up tops and the zipper broke! The 'J' just fell off!! I've had the suit for about two years and I have worn it a lot but I never expected something like that from it! I bought it from a store for over $300 for the pants and the top and I have no questions about the authenticity of it. Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone know if I can replace the zipper somehow or do I just have to retire the top :sad:
  2. Surprisingly there are zipper ppl out there. Once my mom's brand new burberry (authentic) coat zipper broke and sure enough there was a zipper person that she heard about through a friend of a friend. Two weeks later it was brand new again!
    The women who fixed it, well that was her job, she fixes zippers! I bet there is someone like that somewhere near you.
  3. eek! ive NEVER had that happen to any of my suits! what a shame, take it into a taylor and get it fixed up.. get it fixed, dont retire it just yet!
  4. I've heard that this is not uncommon with Juicy zipper pulls :sad:
  5. That has happened to several of my Juicy cashmere hoodies. The quality is very poor, in my opinion. You can get the zipper replaced, but it won't be the "J" zipper.
  6. Ooh no thats terrible I always feared that would happen to my J's too but so far I've been lucky.
    I wash them frequently... but their ok. You know I dont think you can replace it - Im not sure.
    Theres always handwashing if you want to preserve it in its best condition:smile: