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  1. Just wondering why there isnt an area for juicy couture lovers... maybe theres isnt enough people here who loves it? Just noticed that there wasn't. Thanks!
  2. I loved juicy accessories too!!!
    not really into the bag though...but i love its track suits and charms and anything w/ juicy details basically.LOL
  3. I love Juicy! I have a few Juicy bags and lots of their shirts, tracksuits, charms, necklace and 3 bracelets. I have a pink leather satchel bag, white leather satchel, black and pink velour tootsie roll, black and pink day dreamer, pink leather jewelry box, pink and brown velour jewelry box, a black and pink make up case and a bronze wristlet. I have about 40 charms too. My boyfriend and mom think I'm a bit crazy when it comes to Juicy, but its good stuff.
  4. i'd love to see one only cuz it seems like juicy lovers have to hide it sometimes...
  5. I vote for a Juicy section, too! The brand has enough bags and accessories to warrant a subforum, I think. Although to play devil's advocate....perhaps it'd be too clothing-focused?
  6. i agree!!!!!
  7. I'd definitely like this, I'm into many different things from Juicy including the charms! They're SO cute.
  8. i hav 13 juicy bags, and i love them. please make a subforum!
  9. need some help - I just purchased a little green leather wristlet with a cherry charm for a graduation gift for a 17 yr old off to NYU, but can't find a pic of it online to show the hubby..is it because it is discontinued or too new? got it from Nordstrom today and it isn't on their website either. I purchased a drop in key purse in black with the cherry charm and that one I can find online.

    This wristlet has the leather wrist strap and a thick rope chain accessory and comes in white, black, tan, and green.

    I see the other wristlets but not this one so now I am curious if it is from an older line...if anyone knows which wristlet I am referring to let me know where you have seen it online. Got it for $135...very cute and young so appropriate...thnx!
  10. i want this subforum asap!

    juicy charms are awesome.
  11. :yahoo:I'd like a Juicy subforum!
  12. I'd LOVE it if there was a Juicy forum! I have lots of Juicy clothes, a couple accessories and a Juicy pet carrier. Juicy stuff is just so cute!
  13. i guess we aren't getting one...

    it seems like tons of tpf members love juicy...it's talked about nearly every other designer subforum.
  14. ^bump
  15. i would really enjoy a Juicy subforum! pretty please?! lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.