Juicy Couture or Botkier

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  1. Okay, for some people this is a non-issue( cause they hate them both!) but I really like the size of the Juicy Couture Ruby Tuesday and the Botkier Large Fan Hobo( because I am the bag lady that Erykah Badu speaks of!). I figure I can go after one of these because they were out a couple of seasons ago (since I am graduating from college in May, I need to save up for a hot vacation!). What do you think? Yes, some people might think this is a "lesser of two evils" type question but I would really like some help here! If you could recommend a good alternative, that would be great too!!
  2. Do you have pictures? :yes:

    OK, I just looked them both up on Elux. I like the JC better. It seems like it would have nicely along the body, whereas the Botkier is wider and may be more cumbersome.

    What color are you looking at?
  3. Have you seen this one? Isabella Fiore Chain Reaction Carina Hobo. It's on sale at Adasa.com, so it's about in the same price range as the other two.

    I have it in black and I love it! It's huge. :P

  4. Don't waste your money on a Juicy Couture purse! Their quality in handbags (as well as clothing) is complete crap. My friend spent almost $300.00 on a Juicy purse from Bloomies and the paint on the handle started cracking a few days later! Mind you, she treats her purses better than mothers treat their newborns!! If the bag is less than $100.00, that is the only time I'd entertain buying it, honestly. I have the Botkier Trigger Fan Hobo and let me tell you, its great! This bag can hold EVERYTHING and it doesn't look strange on. It does give off this Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen feel because its so oversized and in your face. I kinda like that aspect of it. And empty its pretty light weight so you don't have to worry about hardware that feels like rocks. I personally go with the Fan.
  5. I like the botkier one.
  6. I've never been a very big fan of the Juicy Couture velour handbags but I just adore most everything else. I highly favor the Ruby Tuesday handbag out of the two choice, it is just gorgeous.:heart:
  7. I like the juicy couture.
  8. :yes: totally agree
  9. I'd give my eye teeth for an Essex.
  10. I'd say Botkier. I love both brands but when it comes to bags, I have to go with Botkier because of its material.
  11. Botkier all the way! Their quality and style are much better and classy IMO.
  12. Thanks for the help...I am not sure which one I will choose but will also put the Trigger Fan and the Chain Reaction on the list...but I have to hurry before I give up and spend the money on a LV!
  13. not a fan of juicy but i have the botkier bianca and the bombay and they are fantastic bags...great leather and very versatile...good luck!
  14. The Botkier looks like it's made better, so I'd go with that one.
  15. Post pics! I'd love to see this Juicy bag! :yes: