Juicy Couture cotton sizing

  1. How does Juicy couture 100% cotton knit top runs?

    I'm usually a size 2 for Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Mint.

    Should i go for size petite or small?
  2. For me, I size up in everything. I'm normally a medium in all other brands but for Juicy, no matter what material it is (with the exception of tshirts), I'm a large.
    So I'd suggest getting the small. :yes:
  3. Thanks ;)
  4. yeah, Juicy is cut super small! I have to size up too.
  5. i dont know. maybe it's because im shapely abnormally, but even petite is big for me. i am 5'3 and 95 lbs. i find that to be around average weight. im not underweight or anything. The thing is, most of my weight is on my arms and calves. My thighs and waist are both super thin. lols It's very hard to find form fitting clothes for me lols
  6. you're a size 2 so i think the small is fine
  7. The graphic tees run a bit smaller than their basics, like henleys and what not. Go for the small, it will shrink a little. Only get the petite if you want a really form-fitting shirt; like "this shirt is painted to me" tight.
  8. I dunno about their shirts but I got a tracksuit from last week in petite & the pants were huge! The jacket was ok though - Im 95pds & 5'1
  9. I kept wondering about the shrinking factor. That's good to know. Think it's best for me to stick to a Small (Just in case i gain weight :push:smile:

    Thanks everyone for your input! :flowers:
  10. get a small for sure. juicy tops run really small.
  11. Just curious, but did anyone else run into the problem that the track pants were too big? I thought they were supose to be kinda form fitting, at least on the waist but mine seriously looks like I'm wearing wide legged pants or something. They are the "Be Juicy" track pants from the fleece collection in Petite.
  12. ^^I noticed that with certain colors of the velour pants. My colors are older though, but my old Pop Art fuchsia pants are HUGE on me. I got my normal size but wow, they're SO long and big lol. I do have to either get my normal size or size down in the pants.
  13. Most juicy couture pants run true to size, which is why they always sell out in Petite but always have hoodies in Petite leftover -- I hate this fact since I always try to get a matching set, even if it's to wear them separately usually :p. I do notice that the pants look wide-legged, but I'm pretty skinny so I don't mind, as long as they don't look like hammer pants! I believe their fleece pants actually run bigger than their normal ones, too, so that may explain the unfortunate sizing situation. I just wash mine a lot (inside out, of course) to shrink them!
  14. it seems the bottoms are definitely running bigger than they used to.

    hoodies, dresses, and t-shirts have always been the same for me, but for the three velour bottoms i bought last fall i sized down.
  15. I size up for the tops, and size down for the bottoms. It works for me!