JP Tod's....where are you on this forum?????

  1. Not sure if this has already been requested, but I know there are a few of us out there who just love Tod's and would greatly appreciate a sub-forum dedicated to the classy brand. Thanks for considering...
  2. i agree, and i've been surfing through the 6 pages of results i found of just the word "Tod's" in the title of the post. there are many more posts of ppl mentioning them as well. i love tods.

    i vote subforum for sure! i'd have a lot to say!
  3. Back when I 1st joined I inquired about where's Burberry - and sure enough, a link was added a couple of months I have purchased a Tod's purse and no one to share it with...well, you know what I mean - how about a NEW LINK for Tod's lovers...okay, that's my 2cents!!!
  4. :sos:

    ....I know there are lots of Tod's fans out there who would like a Tod's forum added....... :whistle:
  5. there's not many threads about Tods. . . or Burberry for that matter! LOL!
  6. We will add forums if we see that there is a need- right now, it does not seem there is a pressing need for a Tod's forum, even though I love it :yes:
  7. Yey! Then I could learn a bit about those too!
  8. Yep!:graucho:
  9. I'd love a Tod's subforum!
  10. I love Tods!!!!
  11. Dont have any Tods bags but have loads of Tods shoes :biggrin:
  12. I'd love a Tod's subforum, too!
  13. me 2!!! !:smile: YAY good idea!
  14. They base adding a subforum on # of posts, and I don't think Tod's meets the standard yet. Keep posting and eventually we could get one. I've only bought a couple Tod's items, a bag and a wallet, but I love their classic look.
  15. I am beginning to really love Tod's. The simplicity of many of their bags appeals to my minimalism. They are light too.