Johannesburg & Capetown, South Africa

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  1. Has anyone been to South Africa? I really want to go, but have no one else to go with. So I want to make sure it is safe for a solo woman traveler. I'm also looking for any general tips you can give. TIA!
  2. Wog... I went to Capetown ... It depends if you want to be in a reputable hotel and take the taxi ... or be in a hostel and take public transportation ! Definetely avoid the second option , or take a couple of friends to stay with you .

    I would definitely not go alone to Joburg , I heard so many horrible stories from there , girlfriends of mine really need bodyguards there .
    I'd wait to get a couple of friends to travel together there , because it is truly an amazing country but you need to get out of the city , or you won't feel in africa . Off the beaten path
    ( cape town & Joburg look like a mix of USA , Sidney and Europe.. and you have amazing little cities in Western Cape that will blow your mind)
  3. Thanks mo-djoe! That was really helpful advice. I think I'll hold off on Johannesburg until I can get a good group of friends along.
  4. Hi Huong,

    I have been in South Africa many times BUT always with someone. I wouldn't recommend to go to Jburg all by yourself. We passed by there just to see how it was and it wasn't really a pretty sight. Our driver said that its really dangerous even with locals.

    I did a whole tour, first time was with family. We went to the Serengeti national park. that was really breathtaking! Then drove through Mozambique. When we stopped we stayed at hotels and lodges. My uncle has a private safari game drive lodge. I would most def recommend that. There are alot of safari game drives there.
    In capetown, we stayed at the victoria hotel. Went all the way up to the table mountain. Breathtaking view. Make sure though that the weather is good when you go there and that's there's no wind. We also went to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. (south) Africa is really very beautiful. I think everyone should experience the experience once. Just make sure you have all the visa's and do some research before going. What you also can do is find a good travel agency that can help you plan your trip.
    good luck.

    When in serengeti or places where there's lots of mosquitoes, don't wear dark clothes and lots of perfume.
    Dark colored clothes and perfume attract Dengue mosquitoes.
    That's all i can think of now :smile:
  5. ^^^ good advice, was there years ago, but thinking of going again. TIA
  6. ^ thank you.
    I have been there 5 times and it amaze me. It's a whole different world.
    on our way to capetown we stopped by a great vinyard. Very nice people and great wine :smile:
    oh yeah another tip, when buying bottled drinks, make sure that the bottle is really new and never been opened. Especially when buying water!
  7. bumping this thread for more tips - i really wanna go to jburg but planning on it next year for the world cup. any idea how it will be when that time comes?
  8. I know you posted awhile ago, but I was planning to do the same, until I recently discovered there are almost no hotel rooms left and airfares are outrageous. I have also heard that the infrastructure in South Africa cannot hold the amount of people that will be there for the World Cup. Can anyone who has been advise?
  9. I also want to go during the World Cup and I have a friend that lives in Johanusburg, but many tickets are already sold out, so I'm not even sure I'll be able to go. My travel agent tried to find tickets and even she said its almost impossible, unless you want to pay a high price, and even then book it now.

    You can look at They apparently bought some tickets and you can get packages with them. But I would hurry if you really want to do that.