Joe's fav!

  1. :wlae: Even Jennifer Love Hewitt knows what's going on. I love these jeans. I have the pair that she is wearing and they are my most comfortable pair of jeans EVER, I have 4 other pairs but different style. These particular pair are to have if you are only going to have one pair of jeans over $130. Not a bad price considering other brands vs. fit. What do you all think?
  2. I agree. I just got some Joe's Jeans in Honey. I spent half a day trying on every brand of jeans [Sevens, Citizens, etc.] before picking these.
  3. I love Joe's Jeans too! I've tried a lot of styles, and most of them look and fit me pretty well...I even have a men's pair that I stole from my BF that are unbelievable soft and comfortable!
  4. I love too, they are so well made. One of my fav brands for jeans!
  5. i recently purchased my first pair of joe jeans. really cute but I like true religion better
  6. I own several different pairs of designer jeans and hands down, Joe's Honeys are my all-time faves! The material is WAAAAY softer than any other designer, and the fit is totally superb. I swear I look 10 lbs lighter in my Joe's! Now if only I could grow like 5 inches so I wouldn't always have to hem them!!
  7. I believe you are right. The Honey fit are the BEST. And they do make you feel like you are at least 10lbs lighter. Again, check out the Jennifer L-H pics. I think that she has on the Honey's also. Are they? If not, these are the pair that I am talking about loving.:kiss:
  8. :dothewave: How is it in fab New York? Lucky. :heart:
  9. Yep, I've got two pairs...OK actually 3. 2 bootcut "muse" I think and one "cigarette" straight leg style. One of the bootcuts has a rip in the knee because I fell after work one night (long story). So that's my sloppy day/clean the house pair of jeans now.

    Love the fit!!
  10. Me? Im native new yorker so I love it very much. Have you been before?
  11. i am in love with my pair. they are in serious danger of falling apart because i wear them something like every other day (i am a disgusting person). my mom and i bought a new pair at anthropologie on sale for less than $20! they are to be my birthday gift in May
  12. I bought a pair of Joe's Jeans Honey last week! I am very impressed, these jeans are really flattering for my figure.
  13. Nope, just envious. Actually, my family comes from CT. I'm not sure if that's close? I just love fashion, and New York is usually first to get the hottest stuff.
  14. Love, love Joes Jeans! I found mine at the Charlotte Nordstrom. There is a young lady, SA, who knows everything about designer denim. She is a jeans guru! Anyway, I described to her what I liked and she send me to the dressing room with five pair. I ended up buying three.
    On my own, I would have tried on 50 pair and probably given up in frustration. Anyway, my favorite styles are the Muse and Honey.
  15. I didn't like mine. They stretched out waaayyy to much. I gave them to a friend and they fit her much better.