Joel Kinnaman

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  1. #1 Mar 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2016
    I thought since Joel just accepted the part of RoboCop he deserves his own thread given he probably gets a lot of exposure now.

    So some basics on him about his biography as well as his filmography (latest hits Safe House, The Darkest Hour, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).
    Let's start with some pretty, his latest pics. Also adding that his BFF is Gustaf Skarsgård (yes brother of Alexander Skarsgård) so expect pics of him here too every now and then. Some people will repeat too and they're called fondly the "Swedish Mafia" by us.

    I will also try to copy some old stuff (mostly pics) from the Hot Scandinavian Actors Thread over here.
  2. Great idea!


    Joel deserves his own thread!
  3. Congrats to Joel for getting the part!
  4. After I saw him on The Killing I was surprised to see he's Swedish. He's got a great American accent. Is he a household name in Europe?
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  5. His dad is American.

    He is very famous in Sweden, but not a household name YET in the rest of Europe.
  6. Here's a better version of a video of I skuggan av värmen with at least some music in it.

  7. This is the German trailer for Snabba Cash since it's released on Blu Ray March 16 here. Not liking his dubbing voice at all. Doesn't do his actual voice justice.

  8. Oh hello! A Joel thread! About time. Now we have to drag him out from undercover to make sure we get material. Good stuff, Bag...the man can rock his clothes. Especially a suit. I think The Killing and now the talk of *cough* Robocop will give him more mainstream US exposure. Hell, JJ found him, so now he's doomed. Love the shots with his car, it's like an Audi ad!
  9. It's not only talking anymore. It's confirmed that he'll play it. You can read it in the first post of this thread.

    And yes he's looking great in suits. Those damn Swedes know how to rock a suit. Have you recognized that the red trench coat is Burberry too?
  10. Great pix!
  11. Maybe but "famous" in Sweden is kind of different to famous elsewhere. So many times I'm someplace with a friend and they go "look there's a famous actor" and I'm like no, the point of being famous is no one has to say that they are famous, because they know. That's what makes them famous. Maybe it's a translation thing... :P
  12. Well that's kinda the point. He's famous in Sweden. If you go somewhere in Stockholm and he's in the same bar and someone says there's Joel Kinnaman no one would say who's Joel Kinnaman. But the same scenario for example here in Germany and everyone would look funny at you and definitely ask who's Joel Kinnaman. So famous in the sense of you don't have to explain the person is right for Sweden but not for the rest of Europe. Not sure how known he is in the US now.
    I mean hell I have trouble explaining who's Alexander Skarsgård here and he's out there a bit longer. So of course Joel is difficult to explain too.

  13. Hmm maybe except this happens to me when I am in a bar in Stockholm and I'm not the only one not noticing the "major huge celebrity". I just think that they like to describe people as famous if they want them to be, you know. In the US, fame means something, in Sweden, not so much. JMHO!!
  14. I know what you mean. Your friends were probably talking about Swedish actors who are solely known in Sweden. For them they're famous because they're on TV or in movies but they don't think about if a foreigner knows them. If I'd get my fangirl on seeing Matthias Schweighöfer you wouldn't get it either why I'm flipping out but for me he's famous too. Joel on the other hand is kinda really famous because he gets recognition outside of Sweden.