Jockey headbutts horse

  1. By the way, I just saw the footage. He headbutted the horse HARD. What a jackas*!!!!
    O'Neill headbutts horse

    [FONT=Geneva,Arial,sans-serif]Tuesday July 25, 2006
    The Guardian

    [/FONT]The jockey Paul O'Neill was facing a short ban from race-riding last night after it emerged that he had head-butted a horse at Stratford on Sunday. The 26-year-old, riding City Affair for the first time, was thrown as they arrived at the start for a two-mile selling hurdle.
    Having landed on his feet in front of the horse, O'Neill appeared to drop his crash-helmeted forehead on to his erstwhile mount's nose.
    The pair were reunited for the race and finished fourth. Stewards at the track took no action but Paul Struthers, a spokesman for the Horseracing Regulatory Authority, said yesterday that O'Neill would face a disciplinary hearing for improper riding. The most likely sanction is a short ban from riding, in line with the oneday suspension meted out in 2004 to Timmy Murphy, who hit a horse with a whip after it had unseated him.
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    John O'Shea, who trains City Affair, said last night: "Paul rang me and said he was sorry for what happened yesterday. I haven't seen it yet. The horse is a very, very difficult character, but I couldn't comment on the incident until I've seen it."
  2. By the way, he headbutted the horse on the MOUTH!!!! Poor animal.
  3. Too bad the horse didn't outright kick his ass!
  4. I saw this clip on the news -- unbelievable! What a jerk!
  5. Wow are you kidding?
  6. I saw the clip of it on tv today. What a jerk! I feel bad for the horse.
  7. <scumbag>

  8. ugh! They should have harsher punishments than a 1 day suspension. One of the first things I was taught was to never take your frustrations or aggressions out on the horse. No matter how difficult they may be, the problem will always lie within the rider and a lack of communication on the rider's part. Few horses will blatently disobey a command when given correctly.
  9. Wow....what a sad individual......
  10. If he does that in public - what on earth does he do to the poor creatures in private?! :wtf:

    Ban him!!! :rant:
  11. He did headbut the horse- they showed it on the Today show along with the Zidane headbut clip... It was just weird... I don't know what makes anyone want to do that :Push:
  12. Man that horse should have given him a good kick in the :censor:
  13. Just read that he apologized today. WHy take frustration out on a horse? Poor horse.
  14. Meh, bet that made the horse feel a lot better - NOT! :sad:

    Animals are not capable of much abstract thought or higher reasoning, so to assume they're playing up for any reason other than fear or not understanding what's expected of them is pathetic, he deserves a punch in the chops and at least HE'D be able to work out why he got hurt!:rant:

  15. Good point. What a nasty thing to do.