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  1. Hi there,

    I am seriously desperate for a Jimmy Choo Ramona, but there so out of my price range, and even if I could afford it - they're nowhere to be found in Canada.

    I was thinking about buying an inspired version
    However, I was wondering if anyone has bought this bag and could tell me about the quality? I bought a Suede Kooba Sienna from Lush a while back and the quality was just horrible. I was wondering if the chocolate brown leather might be better though. Does anyone have any insight that they could shed?

    Also - if anyone knows of a better Jimmy Choo inspired Ramona that I could purchase - or even ones that you can get on sale - could you please post the info or PM me? Ideally I want the patent leather in bordeaux or turquoise but that seems out of the question!

    I am losing sleep over this bag and I fear there won't be any rest until the Ramona is mine!!! :nuts:
  2. I own a Lush chocolate brown hobo padlock bag (Chloe inspired) and it's really nice.The leather is quite thicke and soft.Quality wise,well I'm not an expert.I guess you can't compare it to the real deal :yes: But for a low budget bag,why not?

    I've found some pics on Ebay.com of a chocolate brown bag by Lush.The leather looks identical to mine.Hope it helps :flowers:
    15575555_o.jpg 15575562_o.jpg
  3. Sorry we do not promote fake bags and sites that sell them on this forum.
Thread Status:
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