Jimmy Choo Smooth or Juliet?

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  1. Hi,

    I want to order one of these and was wondering if anyone who has either of these shoes could guide me as to which to buy. I am comfortable in high heels but am wondering how wearable the 4" Smooth will be and if I should play it safe with the 3.5" Juliet. Also, if I could get both gold and silver I would, but I have to choose just one--which would you choose?

    Thanks for your help!! This will be my first JCs and I want to make the right choice!!


  2. i think 3.5 is more comfortable than 4. however, if you have 1) lots of stamina (ie no back pain, etc.) and 2) do not need to be standing or walking much, than go for the 4...it'll elongate the legs more.

    i've owned both 3.5 and 4 and since i take care of my shoes very well, i've had them for many years, and as you get older, you can only wear the 4 in ones so much...so something to consider as well.

    choosing between the gold or silver, i'd ask you if you wear gold or silver more, and also, what color is your wardrobe (specifically, dresses and evening slacks)? all those contribute to the decision. personally, i think silver is more neutral and would go with more things in my closet.
  3. I don't have these shoes, but I would imagine that the 3.5 inch ones will be more comfortable. I like the style because it's simple and elegant. I personally would choose the gold ones since the color pops out more.
  4. I had the SMOOTH.... gave them to a friend... not to comfy... I would go for the Juliet.
  5. Thank you for the feedback so far. These shoes are so classic I was thinking I'd be able to wear them well into the future--but hadn't really considered that I would be aging! So thank you for bringing that up ;) I usually go for colorful or black evening wear that would work with either gold or silver and don't really favor one heavily. So I suppose I was wondering what others' preferences tend to be.
  6. I have the juliet...they are yummy and actually pretty comfy. I'd go for gold.
  7. I have been dreaming of getting the smooths in gold then the other day I thought that I need silver more neutral in my closet
  8. I like the gold ones because i wear a lot of gold accessories
  9. I have the smooth in pale gold (bought them 2 years ago). They make your legs look great. They go with everything and are indispensable to my shoe wardrobe. I'm not going to lie though, those 4" heels start to hurt after an entire night on your feet. So if you are going to wear them to a cocktail party or black tie event, make sure you have a place to sit down and rest your feet every once in a while. I wouldn't trade them for the world though. They are really classic. They have been my go to shoes on several occassions. As for color, I have a pale gold which looks a bit lighter than the gold ones in the link you posted. I don't know if they have modified the color in the last couple of years. I like the pale gold because they are so light that they could go either way (they could look gold or silver depending on what you wear them with). Also, the gold compliments my skin tone better than the silver would. Let us know what you decide.
  10. Good question. I think silver or gold would both look great as accent colors with black, with gold being a slightly more daring color. I'm planning on getting Juliet in silver for my wife because she's not that accustomed to wearing heels. I've been monitoring the Jimmy Choo website for a while and they're sold out of her size! Is there any other place that sells this model that ships to Canada?

    On the Jimmy Choo website, I think they have a picture for Smooth in gold where it's supposed to be Juliet... The black satin Juliet appears to be correct.
  11. I have the 3.5 " heel. They are so comfy i could run in them. They are the perfect, simple heel.
  12. I am debating the Smooth vs. Juliet as well!! I think I may go with the Smooth though - I really like the look of a 4" heel. Just depends if you can take the inevitable pain at the end of the night!
  13. I decided on the Smooth in silver, against my better judgment, and am exchanging them for the gold Juliets. The silver was a bit too bright for me, and they were just a bit too high. For such a high heel they were definitely comfortable, but I think I will get more use out of a slightly lower heel. The total height is actually about 4.25 on the Smooth.